Freediving - Magic in Bleu

freediving-schoolFreediving is one of the most interesting and exiting sports all over the world. The word  Freedive comes from the two words Free and dive.
What is the definition of Freediving, what do we mean by saying Freediving?
Freediving is the dive in a salt water (sea) or in a lake (not salted water) by just  holding your breath (as simple as that). You can freedive by using  freediving equipment such as a mask, fins, wetsuit  or with-out anything just your swimsuit.  Freediving is always performed with Apnea.
The exact definition of Apnea is:holding your breath for a certain time
More accuratly we can say the following: Breath is separated in two stages.

  • First stage is the inhalation and exhalation
  • Second part is the exchange of gases. 

When we are in Apnea we stop with our free will the first part (inhalation/exhalation) but the exchange of gases always continues and never stops.  The freediver use only the air that he breathe/carries from the surface and nothing else. With this one breath the freediver must dive safely to a certain depth and the most important is to come back to the surface to breathe again. The whole magic of Freediving is that is the most real and authentic sport.  You dive with only your natural qualifications using just one breath.

Of course there are many technics that the qualified freedivers use in order to dive deeper and deeper but always having in mind the SAFETY. We can enjoy this magnificent sport but we MUST always observe the safety rules. The most important rule is NEVER DIVE ALONE NEVER.  Always when you go out for freediving or spearfishing you must go with your buddy.

Freeding is used by lot of people for many reasons i.e. Spearfishing, Underwater photography, underwater filming, just for fun and in many times for medical and scientific research.

This is just a preface about Freediving and will come back with more articles about  SAFETY rules in order to enjoy our freedive safely.
Always you have to remember NEVER freedive WITH-OUT A BUDDY and the best diver is the diver who returns to his family.

Thatís all for time being.  

Costas Constantinou
Freediving Instructor

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