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pavlidesGeorge Pavlides was born in Cyprus in 1965 and is married with three children. His interaction with the sea started with scuba diving but by 1993 he had devoted himself completely to free diving.

In 1995 he gets elected as the secretary of the Cyprus club "Friends of Free Diving" and in 1998 after elections he takes on the position of president where he remains there for three consecutive years. Today he is an honorary member of the committee of the club for life.

He is responsible for organizing hundreds of events that involve the subject of free diving throughout the years. Some of these include:

  1. Seminars all over the island regarding underwater hunting in Cyprus using material from his own productions.
  2. The first ever competition on the island for static and dynamic apnea.
  3. The first competition using constant weights
  4. The first schools for free diving
  5. The first dvd ever made in Cyprus concerning spear fishing which uses only locals in its production as well as only the local landscape.

In 1997 he starts acting as an editorialist for the Greek magazine "Underwater World" but in 1998 he switches to the Greek magazines "Vithos" (Greek for sea bed) and "Artemis" where he remains an editorialist until this very day.

In 2001 he starts getting involved with underwater video recording using only free diving as his means and comes up with a number of productions in DVD format.

In 2008 and 2009 he becomes an instructor of free diving with the FDI institute and CMAS institute respectively. In 2009 his free diving school is recognized by the Cyprus Republic as an authorized free diving institute.

It was in 2007 where he turned his hobby into a profession by opening his own store named "Blueinstinct Underwater Act", a store specialized in free diving and spearfishing equipment as well as underwater video recording.

He has been filming nonstop since 2001 thus completing hundreds of hours of professional underwater video recording. Today, he still continues to film underwater at least twice a week and most probably has the biggest archive not only in Cyprus and Greece but throughout the world.

In 2011 he will officially present to the cinemas in Cyprus the first movie ever made worldwide with underwater hunting as the subject.

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