Spearfishing/Freediving Equipment

spearfishingEvery free diver and every underwater hunter needs specific equipment so as to carry out his activity. Even though the two sports look alike there are a number of details which determine their differences and who does what.
The equipment has to be in excellent condition and 100% functional. It should fit perfectly to the user and be suitable for the purpose itís going to be used for. Thus, every member of the team made his own choices and the result came out to be quite fascinating.
The equipment used should not be something that is fixed for ever but instead something that evolves over time i.e. something that is not limited to what the different manufacturers have to offer. If a certain user feels that interfering with the original product would make something superior both in terms of performance and safety then he should go for it as such interventions give rise to interesting results.  
The gear the team uses is selected with factors such as safety, performance and functionality in mind. Thus, as mentioned above, the equipment in use carries the signature of each member as every detail as well as the final result is what really matters.   
From the existing products in the market we have chosen the following brands for our gear:

  1. Apnea
  2. R. Calich
  3. Amphibious
  4. Mythicon
  5. HST
  6. Bleu Tec
  7. Henri Lloyd Marine

As far as repairs, modifications, interventions and creation of new products the team has its own workshop where it keeps experimenting with unique designs and ideas. These for the time being are our secrets!!!!
The man responsible for all the above is George Pavlides.

Video Equipment

Way before being overtaken by underwater video recording, the team was only taking photographs. All external shoots were done using a Canon camera whereas for the underwater ones a Sea & Sea was used. Soon after, Nikonos 3 and Nikonos 5 appeared within the group and that is where a large number of photos were taken thus creating the first archive of the team.
Nowadays the equipment for underwater photography consists of two digital cameras. The smallest one, an Olympus with a resolution of 14 Megapixels and the main one a Cannon EOS 400D/Rebel xti
The first underwater video recordings of the team started in 2001 using a Canon H 18. At an early stage the equipment was upgraded to two Sony TRV 900E cameras with Amphibico Housings. Up until 2006 and only with the use of free diving they had recorded about 400 hours of underwater shots.
In 2007 a Sony HVR-A1E HDV replaced them and up to now it has completed around 200 hours of underwater recordings.

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