Starting as a Spear Hunter

spearfishing-grouperWith great care I watched his every move. He was a veteran when it came to spearfishing and through the years he had made a name for himself. This came from the fact that the grouper having been considered as the trophy of that time, the numbers caught by him were so large that seemed unrealistic.  At least that was what I heard.

He dived and approached a huge boulder. Having reached the bottom he worked his way below the rock until I could only see about half of his body. The shot was heard up until the water surface. He emerged and like a spider, he left a thread behind which disappeared below the rock.

“Repeat the shot” he commanded with an intense tone. I looked at him surprised as I didn’t know what he meant. I estimated that he wanted me to shoot again at the fish so that it could not escape and so I dived. Through the darkness of the rock I saw the figure of a big fish that was trying to squeeze as far as possible at the deepest end of the hole. I aimed at the body and pushed the trigger. I released the line on my reel and headed for the surface thus doubling the "spider webs".

He looked at me with content thinking that I had managed to complete the task. He dived again and shed some light in the dark using his flash light. He remained there for a while and then started rising to the surface while shaking his head. Once he had reached me I could see the anger seeping through his eyes. He started yelling at me saying that the reason why we have to shoot a fish twice is so that we can kill it instantly but instead I had messed things up since I shot it at the belly. My answer was plain and simple “I didn’t know what I had to do”.

Since we didn’t have another speargun with us it took us about an hour of consecutive dives to pull out the fish. Although it was about 8Kg after struggling for so long it looked more exhausted than we were.

It was a mistake I told myself I would never perform again...

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