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georgeprofileGeorge Pavlides

George is the man in charge of the team. He organizes all excursions and defines how everything should  run.
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sotirisprofileSotiris Charalambous

Sotiris is a film director. He analyses and evaluates every shot. He is an underwater hunter and is trained as a free diver. He is a professional cameraman
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jimprofileDimitris Kleitou

Dimitris is a marine biologist. He studies every possible aspect of the sea at the time and helps the team hunt the right preys at the right time.

periklesprofilePeriklis Pavlides

Periklis being only 18 years old is the youngest of the group. He has recently qualified as an F.D.I Freediving Instructor,  and he is the “submarine” of the team. He doesn’t like competitions but he loves nature. He is a lifeguard and thus the safety of the team.
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teraprofileCostas Constantinou

Costas is most probably the only person in Cyprus who hunts in the shallowest parts of the island. He is however a monster when it comes to computer technology and he is responsible for the day to day run of this website. 
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Panikos Petrides

Panikos is a film director as well. He is one of the newest spear fishermen of the team but he is the ace in their sleeve. Whatever the team hands him over he takes it to a whole new level when it comes to quality.

pantelisprofilePantelis Georgiou

He is also young when it comes to underwater hunting but he is the soul of the group. His greatest gift is to make the impossible possible and has tremendous transmit ability.  
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panteraprofileChristofis Karantonis

Christofis is a psychologist. He is a gifted 3rd level free diver and is the person in the team which pays the most attention when it comes down to the details of the problem. He can handle everything he is given under one condition. He will deliver it to perfection…
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