Sotiris Charalambous

thumb_sotirisBorn in 1978, Sotiris moved to New York once his military service in Cyprus was complete in 1998, to chase his dream of becoming a film maker. Whilst studying for a degree in film making in New York, he also worked as a video editor and camera man for Antenna Satellite, later being promoted to associate producer.

During this time, he also worked on many independent films as film editor and director of photography, many of which were included in film festivals with recognitions. Sotiris also wrote and directed three short films, one of which was acknowledged by the Greek Cultural Centre of New York.

Throughout his life, Sotiris has had a deep passion for the sea, and managed to follow this passion on his return to Cyprus in 2004 by beginning training in free diving, and in 2008 he received his 2nd level FDI certificate, and has combined this with his love of spear fishing.

Now, Sotiris is in the privileged position to be able to unite his passion for free diving and spear fishing with his film making and has created several documentaries with George Pavlides.

In 2011, Sotiris established his own production company, Penasta Productions, focusing on film and video productions.

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