Costas Constantinou

thumb_terrabyteCostas also known as Terabyte :) was born in 1973 in Limassol, Cyprus.  In 1992 after serving as an officer in the Cypriot National Guard for 2 years, he moved to London for his professional studies.  In 1997 he received his Masters in MIT and joined “Voodoo Systems” a London based Computer company as head web developer.  At the same time he was working as sub contractor for Interfocus Plc,  an advertising company based in central London. He had the opportunity to work on some big projects such as Lloyds TSB, William Hill, Eurobet and Yahoo.
In early 2001 he decided it was time to return to Cyprus and invest his knowledge in his own company called Logilabs Web Solutions.

His connection with the undersea world came at an early age after his father bought him his first mask…that was enough to get him hooked.  Since then 33 years passed and his fascination and love for the sea world and spearfishing never faded!  He tried all known spearfishing techniques but he fell in love with the agguato in the shallows as its more demanding in good hunting skills such as tracking and stalking your pray.

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