Periklis Pavlides

thumb_periklispPerikles Pavlides was born on the 17/05/1993 in Limassol Cyprus. He is an A* student in the graduating year of American Academy with a scholarship. He is a freediver since he can remember and at the age of 16 he received his diploma for the 1st level of the free diving system F.D.I. Following he finished the 2nd and 3rd level of F.D.I.(Free Diving Institute) at the C&P Apnea Club (“Constantinou & Pavlides”). In 2011 on the 22nd of May he successfully finished the Instructor course by the F.D.I. system in Athens and that probably makes him the youngest Free Diving Instructor worldwide.

He loves underwater hunting as well as underwater filming. For the last years he has been a vital member of the team working for the creation of an exciting new spearfishing documentary to be seen on the big screen.

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