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African Adventures: The Top Spearfishing Destinations On The Continent

Key Takeaway:

  • South Africa offers some of the best spearfishing in the world with its clear waters and abundance of marine life, including large game fish like yellowfin tuna and marlin.
  • Zanzibar, Tanzania is another top spearfishing destination in Africa, known for its vibrant coral reefs and a variety of fish species, such as the dogtooth tuna and the elusive wahoo.
  • Off the coast of Mozambique, the Bazaruto Archipelago is a top destination for experienced spearfishers, with the potential to catch trophy-sized game fish like sailfish and giant trevally.

Searching for an African spearfishing journey like no other? Uncover the top five places on the continent! Start prepping your next escapade now. Glistening waters and an abundance of fish guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Overview of Spearfishing

Spearfishing is a fun underwater hunt! Africa has great spots like Mozambique, South Africa, Egypt, Tanzania, and Seychelles, all offering unique experiences! With amazing marine life, crystal-clear waters, colorful coral reefs, and diverse fish species. Whether you’re a veteran or a novice, exploring Africa’s spearfishing adventures is a must.

Equipment and Techniques

Spearfishing is a thrilling way to immerse yourself in Africa’s beautiful underwater landscapes and catch fresh seafood! To have a successful experience, you must have the right gear and know some basic techniques.

You’ll need a spearfishing gun or pole spear. A spearfishing gun is best for larger fish and deeper waters, while a pole spear is perfect for shallow waters and smaller fish. Wear a wetsuit to protect your body from cold temperatures and marine life. Fins are essential for efficient movement in the water. Don’t forget a diving mask and snorkel for underwater vision and breathing. A weight belt is great for diving deeper.

In addition to having the right equipment, you must understand essential techniques. Equalizing pressure in your ears is key to avoid discomfort or injury. Study fish species and their behavior to improve your hunting techniques. Follow safety measures such as diving with a partner, checking weather and water conditions, and carrying a dive flag.

By following these tips, you can have a safe and exciting spearfishing African adventure! Remember to always respect the laws and regulations of the area and the marine environment.

South Africa

South Africa is widely regarded as one of the world’s premier spearfishing destinations, offering a diverse range of species and incredible underwater scenery. In this section, we’ll explore some of the top spearfishing hotspots in South Africa, each with their unique characteristics and underwater ecosystems.

Additionally, we’ll take a closer look at the species that spearfishers can expect to encounter, from the prized yellowtail and snoek to the elusive red steenbras and garrick. Whether you’re a seasoned spearfisher or just starting, South Africa’s waters have something incredible to offer.

Spearfishing Hotspots

If you seek an awe-inspiring spearfishing adventure, South Africa is a must! Here are its top spots with perfect water and many fish species to spearfish:

  1. Durban – Waters stay warm here, and the spearfishing season runs from autumn to spring.
  2. Sodwana Bay – A marine sanctuary with over 1,200 fish species. Great for spearfishing!
  3. Cape Town – Reef and rock spearfishing or blue-water spearfishing? You pick!
  4. Port Elizabeth – Clear waters, pristine reefs, and lots of marine life.

Fun Fact: Spearfishing is an eco-friendly and sustainable way of fishing as it lets you choose what species you want and doesn’t damage the seabed.

Species to Target

Spearfishing in South Africa is a thrilling experience! There are many species that make for great catches. The Yellowtail is a favorite for its firm flesh. The Southern African Leerfish, sometimes called Garrick, is also popular. Snoek can be found around the western and southern coasts. Kingfish are known for their unpredictability and speed. Lastly, don’t forget the Cape Salmon (Geelbeck/Elf) along the South African coast.

When spearfishing, always stick to safety guidelines. Only attempt catches that fit your skill level.


Mozambique is an exciting spearfishing destination with plenty of opportunities for underwater exploration. In this section, we’ll dive deeper into some of the top spearfishing hotspots in Mozambique, including locations known for their abundance of fish and unique underwater landscapes. We’ll also take a look at some of the species that are commonly targeted in this region, giving you an idea of what to expect on your next African spearfishing adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, Mozambique has something to offer for everyone looking to experience the thrill of spearfishing in Africa.

Spearfishing Hotspots

Mozambique is a great destination for spearfishing! Here are the top five places to go:

  1. Bazaruto Archipelago: Crystal-clear waters and diverse marine life. Plus, you can catch large game fish such as kingfish and marlin.
  2. Inhaca Island: There are many fish species and natural coral reefs.
  3. Pemba: Barracuda, kingfish, and yellowfin tuna are waiting for you!
  4. Vilanculos: Angelfish, rockcod, and other species are there to be caught in shallow waters.
  5. Zavora: Clear water, strong currents, and a variety of fish, including kingfish, yellowfin tuna, and wahoo.

Tip: Check the regulations for spearfishing in Mozambique and get the required permits or licenses. Also, practice sustainable fishing methods to protect the local marine ecosystem.

Species to Target

Mozambique’s waters are warm and inviting – an ideal spot for spearfishing! Here’s a list of some of the top species to target:

  • Dogtooth Tuna: Known for their strength and agility, these fish are found in deep waters and have sharp teeth and long fins. Experienced spearfishers will enjoy the challenge!
  • Barracuda: Aggressive and often around reefs and pinnacles, these fish make for an exciting challenge.
  • Kingfish: Found around shallow reefs and estuaries, these powerful swimmers can grow up to six feet in length.
  • Spanish Mackerel: Fast swimmers, they can reach speeds of up to 50 mph and usually hang out in open waters looking for smaller baitfish.
  • Giant Trevally (GTs): Hard and fierce fighters, these are found in deeper waters around coral reefs and underwater mountains. Spearfishers should bring the right equipment – a strong wetsuit, reliable spear gun, and diving flag – for a safe and successful adventure.


Tanzania is known for its diverse wildlife, stunning landscapes, and cultural heritage. But what many don’t know is that Tanzania’s coastline also offers some of the best spearfishing spots in Africa. In this section, we’ll explore Tanzania’s best spearfishing hotspots and reveal the diverse species that await adventurous divers, from mackerel to barracudas. Whether you’re a seasoned spearfisher or a novice looking for a new challenge, Tanzania’s waters offer a unique and unforgettable adventure.

Tanzania-African Adventures: The Top Spearfishing Destinations on the Continent,

Image credits: by Adam Arnold

Spearfishing Hotspots

Tanzania is known for its incredible spearfishing hotspots! We’ll focus on three of these locations.

  1. Firstly, Pemba Island off the coast of Tanzania – it has clear waters and a lot of marine life. October to May is the best time to visit for spearfishing due to calm waters and great visibility.
  2. Secondly, Mafia Island is small, but perfect for relaxation and spearfishing opportunities. It’s home to wahoo, kingfish, and yellowfin tuna. From October to March is the best time to visit.
  3. Lastly, Zanzibar is the largest of the islands off the coast of Tanzania. It has a range of spearfishing sites, great for beginners and pros alike. Two of the best diving locations are Nungwi Reef and Kendwa Wall. Remember to get all necessary permits and follow safe diving practices when you explore Tanzania’s spearfishing hotspots!

Species to Target

Tanzania is famous for its marine ecosystems, teeming with fish species. It’s a must-visit destination for African spearfishing. Yellowfin tuna are a highly sought-after catch. They weigh over 400 pounds, so experienced spearfishermen know how challenging these fish can be. Wahoo are also popular. They are fast-swimming and tricky to catch around coral reefs and drop-offs. For beginners, Spanish mackerel is a great option. They can be easily attracted by lures and swim in large numbers along the coast. Dogtooth tuna are the biggest species of tuna, so they are best attempted by advanced fishers. They are strong, fast, and agile in the water. Before setting off, it’s important to be aware of local regulations and restrictions.


Namibia, a country of stark contrasts and dramatic landscapes, is the ideal destination for adventurous spearfishing enthusiasts. With pristine waters filled with an abundance of marine life, Namibia offers a unique experience that should be on every spearfisherman’s bucket list. In this section, we will explore the spearfishing hotspots in Namibia, and the species that can be targeted in these areas. From thrilling encounters with barracudas and sharks to the rewarding catch of yellowtail, the spearfishing opportunities in Namibia are not to be missed.

Spearfishing Hotspots

Namibia has top-notch spearfishing spots! With its multi-faceted marine life and untouched coastlines, it’s a must-visit. Here are 5 great places to go spearfishing:

  1. Skeleton Bay – south Namibia. Famous for its large and rapid waves – perfect for experienced spearfishers.
  2. Zarafa Bay – east coast. Here, you’ll find marlin, tuna and grouper.
  3. Cape Cross – along the Skeleton Coast. Expect yellowtail, kob and blacktail.
  4. Halifax Island – in the middle of the coastline. A secret spot for rock cod and bream.
  5. Terrace Bay – for those wanting to catch edible fish such as kabeljou and steenbras.

Spearfishing in Namibia is an amazing experience. Just remember to follow the local laws and use sustainable methods.

Species to Target

Namibia is an African paradise for spearfishers! A variety of species await, offering an unforgettable experience. Let’s explore the top five sought-after catches in the area:

  1. Yellowfin Tuna – Namibia has plenty of these large and strong fish. Spearfishers love to go after them!
  2. Kingfish – Also known as the “king mackerel,” this fish is abundant all year. Divers can expect a thrilling experience when targeting Kingfish.
  3. Garrick – Aggressive and found in shallow waters near the shore, Garrick make for an adrenaline-filled adventure.
  4. Kob – Elusive and fast, Kob are a challenge and thrill for spearfishers. They’re abundant in Namibia’s coastal waters.
  5. Blacktail – Found in large numbers near the rocky coastline, Blacktail are an excellent catch for novice spearfishers.

Namibia is the ideal spot for an unforgettable spearfishing adventure, no matter your level. With these top species, you’re sure to have a memorable time!

Five Facts About African Adventures: The Top Spearfishing Destinations on the Continent:

  • ✅ Mozambique is known for its large variety of fish species, including marlin, yellowfin tuna, and sailfish. (Source: Sport Diver)
  • ✅ The Seychelles is a favorite spearfishing spot, with warm waters filled with fish such as dogtooth tuna, wahoo, and grouper. (Source: Bluewater Magazine)
  • ✅ South Africa has some of the best shore-diving conditions on the continent, with clear waters and abundant reefs and fish. (Source: Salt Water Africa)
  • ✅ Tanzania boasts a wide range of fish species, from giant trevally to barracuda, and has some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. (Source: The Nomadic Boys)
  • ✅ Egypt’s Red Sea is known for its crystal-clear waters, warm temperatures, and incredible marine life, including sharks and dolphins. (Source: Dive Zone Egypt)

FAQs about African Adventures: The Top Spearfishing Destinations On The Continent

What are some of the top spearfishing destinations in Africa?

Some of the top spearfishing destinations in Africa include Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, and Mauritius. These locations offer clear waters, diverse marine life, and plenty of opportunities for spearfishing enthusiasts.

What kind of marine life can be found in African spearfishing destinations?

African spearfishing destinations are home to a wide variety of marine life, including gamefish like barracuda, kingfish, and tuna, as well as reef fish like snappers, groupers, and triggerfish. Pelagic species like sailfish and marlin can also be found in some locations.

What is the best time of year to go spearfishing in Africa?

The best time of year to go spearfishing in Africa varies by location. In general, however, the best time to visit is during the dry season, which typically runs from May to October. During this time, the waters are calmer and visibility is better.

What equipment is needed for spearfishing in African destinations?

Spearfishing in African destinations requires a few key pieces of equipment, including a speargun or pole spear, wetsuit, fins, weight belt, and diving mask. Depending on the location and specific dive conditions, additional gear like dive lights and speargun bands may also be necessary.

Are there any specific regulations or restrictions on spearfishing in African destinations?

Yes, spearfishing regulations and restrictions vary by location in Africa. Some areas require permits, while others prohibit certain types of fish or fishing methods. It is important to research the specific regulations for your chosen destination before embarking on a spearfishing trip.

What are some additional activities that can be enjoyed on an African spearfishing trip?

Many African spearfishing destinations offer a range of additional activities, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and wildlife safaris. Visitors can also enjoy local cuisine, culture, and natural attractions like waterfalls and national parks.