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Choosing The Right Spearfishing Wetsuit: Top Brands Reviewed

Key Takeaway:

  • Choose a wetsuit that fits your body type and provides thermal protection: Look for wetsuits made of neoprene material with varying thickness depending on water temperature and duration of your dive. A proper fit ensures you maintain optimum body temperature and flexibility while diving.
  • Consider durability, comfort, and ease of donning and doffing: A high-quality wetsuit should last for several years and withstand the wear and tear of diving. Additionally, it should be comfortable and easy to put on and take off, enabling you to focus on the task at hand and stay safe.
  • Top spearfishing wetsuit brands to consider include Cressi, Rob Allen, and OMER: These brands offer different options for varying water temperatures and diving conditions. They also have a reputation for producing high-quality and reliable wetsuits for spearfishing enthusiasts.

Planning a spearfishing trip? Need a wetsuit to keep warm in the water? Look no further! This article reviews the top brands of spearfishing wetsuits. Now you can choose the best one for you!


Spearfishing wetsuits are key for experienced and new divers alike. They should provide warmth, protect from the environment, and offer resistance against coral reef abrasions.

There are three kinds of wetsuits: closed-cell neoprene, open-cell neoprene, and smoothskin neoprene, with each having its own pros and cons. Closed-cell is more durable and easier to put on; open-cell has excellent warmth; and smoothskin wetsuits offer more warmth.

Brands such as Cressi, Salvimar, Riffe Digi-Tek, Mako, Seac Men, and Cressi Morea offer top-notch wetsuits. Designs range from camouflaged Farmer Johns to anatomical cuts with knee or elbow pads.

When selecting a spearfishing wetsuit, consider factors like thickness, size, colour, camouflaging, seals, stitching, chest loading pad, knife storage, padding, gloves, and booties. The wetsuit should be a great investment while providing strong protection and performance.

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Selecting the right spearfishing wetsuit is vital for comfort, durability and protecting the environment. Such a wetsuit gives insulation and keeps you warm, while guarding against scrapes that could come from hunting crayfish or spearfishing in locations like Northern Queensland, tropical paradises, New Zealand, or Southern Australia.

Open cell and closed cell wetsuits with a face fabric exist. Closed cell wetsuits are ideal for colder water and tough environments due to their insulation properties. On the other hand, open-cell wetsuits are better for warmth retention in temperate waters.

Popular brands like Cressi Tecnica and Seac Mens offer models with features like beaver tails and hoods. Some have vented hoods, smooth skin, Tatex polyurethane and others come with nylon patches, knee pads, elbow reinforcements or YKK zippers.

When picking out a wetsuit, sizing is key. Many brands provide various exchange options until the perfect fit is found. It’s recommended to use the brand’s sizing chart and temperature guide.

Caring for your wetsuit is essential for its life span. After each use, rinse it carefully and hang to dry in a well-ventilated area to avoid odors or mildew.

Ultimately, choosing the right spearfishing wetsuit is more than just essential gear. It determines the level of comfort and enjoyment during your underwater experience. Know how to pick the correct wetsuit with the best combination of insulation, durability and comfort to have the best spearfishing adventure.

Rob Allen

Rob Allen, famous spearfisherman, reviewed top brands of wetsuits. To pick the best one, you must consider water temp, protection, and body type. Here’re the best:

  1. Yamamoto neoprene: Eco-friendly and offers great flex, warmth, and durability.
  2. Two-piece: Separate jacket and pants. Wear together or separately for added warmth.
  3. Open-cell: Molds to the body for custom fit. Needs lubrication to take off.
  4. Steamer: One-piece provides warmth and protection in colder water.
  5. Lycra & thermals: Lightweight for warmer waters. Wear alone or under a wetsuit.

Other factors to consider: budget, ultraspan or black metallite lining, flush seals. The right wetsuit makes spearfishing more fun, comfortable, and safe. Try on different types, get advice from pros, read reviews from Kaelahs Wild Kai Kitchen!

Rob Allen-Choosing the Right Spearfishing Wetsuit: Top Brands Reviewed,

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Aquatech is a great company that provides high-quality spearfishing wetsuits. They are safe, protective and environmentally friendly.

When selecting your perfect wetsuit, take the following into account:

  • Water Temperature: Choose a wetsuit based on the water temperature you’ll be diving in. Aquatech provides different thicknesses to suit any temp.
  • Open Cell Wetsuit: An open cell wetsuit is perfect for spearfishing as it allows more flexibility underwater. Aquatech offers open cell suits for spearfishing, snorkeling, surfing and paddleboarding.
  • Winter: During winter, opt for a thicker wetsuit than usual. Aquatech has suits for all seasons, including winter.
  • Top Brands Reviewed: Aquatech is a top-notch brand when it comes to spearfishing wetsuits. Other brands to consider are Cressi, Mares, and Rob Allen.


Beuchat is a top-notch spearfishing wetsuit brand. They provide spearo’s with top-grade gear for a great diving experience. Eco-friendly materials are a key feature of their suits, perfect for spearfishers who care about the environment, especially for reefs. High-quality neoprene is used for insulation and durability. The design of Beuchat wetsuits gives divers maximum freedom of movement. Plus, they are great for spearfishing even in hard conditions. There are many options to pick from, such as the Focea range. All tailored to suit the diverse needs of customers.


When it comes to spearfishing, the right wetsuit is essential. Many top brands are available. It depends on your needs and preferences. Popular brands for spearos include Omer, Mares and Cressi. These offer wetsuits with different thicknesses, materials and features. To suit different water temperatures and depths.

Eco-friendly materials are important too. Look for wetsuits made from sustainable materials. Or from brands that prioritize sustainability. If you plan to paddleboard, find a versatile design to cover both activities. The right wetsuit will let you dive with ease. No matter what conditions you face.

Material-Choosing the Right Spearfishing Wetsuit: Top Brands Reviewed,

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Thickness is important when picking a spearfishing wetsuit. It offers warmth, protection, and buoyancy when diving. It’s usually measured in mm, varying with the water temperature and environment. For instance, a warmer environment needs a thinner wetsuit (2-3 mm) to avoid overheating, whereas colder waters call for thicker wetsuits (5-7 mm).

Top brands produce wetsuits with environmental protection features, made of eco-friendly materials free from chemicals. And some even provide extra padding around the knees and chest, good for paddleboarding. So, when selecting a spearfishing wetsuit, think about the thickness needed, and any extra features that could help you.


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Spearfishing and paddleboarding require blending in with your environment to avoid frightening sea creatures. Camouflage is key when selecting a wetsuit. Different types of camo are critical to determine which is best for your diving spot.

  • A blue-water wetsuit, with its sea blue pattern, works great offshore.
  • For kelp beds, choose a wetsuit with green and brown camouflage.
  • Yellow and brown is perfect for rocky reefs.

For paddleboarding, a bright white wetsuit increases visibility to other boaters. Identifying and selecting the right camo for your activity and surroundings will enhance your experience.

Camouflage-Choosing the Right Spearfishing Wetsuit: Top Brands Reviewed,

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Durability is key when selecting a spearfishing wetsuit. It must be able to tolerate the underwater environment for a long time. High-quality wetsuits are designed to resist against wear, tear and cold. This makes them perfect for spearfishing and other water sports like paddle boarding.

To ensure the wetsuit is durable, select brands that use premium materials, such as neoprene or Yamamoto #39. Thicker neoprene from 3mm to 7mm work best in cold waters, while thinner neoprene from 1mm to 3mm is best for warm waters.

Flat, reinforced seams should prevent tearing. Seamless joints will allow for maximum mobility. Omer, Cressi, and ScubaPro are brands known for their durable and high-quality wetsuits. Investing in a reliable wetsuit guarantees a comfortable and safe spearfishing experience.

Five Facts About Choosing the Right Spearfishing Wetsuit: Top Brands Reviewed:

  • ✅ The right spearfishing wetsuit should provide warmth and protection in the depths of the water. (Source: Spearfishing World)
  • ✅ Popular spearfishing wetsuit brands include Omer, Rob Allen, and Cressi. (Source: Spearfishing Today)
  • ✅ A good spearfishing wetsuit should fit snugly to avoid water entering and lose enough for mobility and flexibility. (Source: Spear Fishing Reviews)
  • ✅ Spearfishing wetsuits come in different thickness levels depending on the water temperature and depth. (Source:
  • ✅ Spearfishing wetsuits are usually made of neoprene, which is highly durable and resistant to water. (Source: DiveIn)

FAQs about Choosing The Right Spearfishing Wetsuit: Top Brands Reviewed

What should I consider when choosing the right spearfishing wetsuit?

When choosing a spearfishing wetsuit, you should consider the thickness, material, fit, and features. The thickness will depend on the water temperature and your personal preference. The material should be durable and flexible. The fit should be snug but not constricting, and the features should fit your individual needs and preferences.

What are some top brands for spearfishing wetsuits?

Some top brands for spearfishing wetsuits include Cressi, OMER, Picasso, Riffe, Rob Allen, and Salvimar. These brands are known for their durability, flexibility, and comfort.

What are the advantages of a two-piece wetsuit for spearfishing?

A two-piece wetsuit can provide additional versatility and flexibility over a one-piece wetsuit. It allows for easier donning and doffing, as well as the ability to mix and match different pieces for varying water temperatures. Additionally, a two-piece wetsuit can be more comfortable for individuals with different body shapes and sizes.

What material should I look for in a spearfishing wetsuit?

The material you should look for in a spearfishing wetsuit depends on your location and personal preference. Neoprene is a common material used in wetsuits because it is flexible, durable, and provides insulation. Yamamoto neoprene is a higher-quality neoprene that provides better insulation and flexibility compared to standard neoprene. Some wetsuits may use different materials such as nylon or Lycra for added durability and flexibility.

Should I choose a wetsuit with an open-cell or closed-cell neoprene?

An open-cell neoprene wetsuit can be more comfortable and provide better insulation compared to a closed-cell neoprene wetsuit. However, it can be more difficult to don and doff and may require the use of lubricants. Closed-cell neoprene wetsuits are easier to don and doff and typically last longer. They also tend to be less expensive compared to open-cell neoprene wetsuits.

What features should I look for in a spearfishing wetsuit?

When choosing a spearfishing wetsuit, features to consider include reinforced padding on the chest and knees for added durability, a hood for added warmth in colder waters, and a loading pad on the chest to allow for easier loading of the spear gun. Other features to consider include wrist and ankle seals to prevent water from entering the wetsuit, and a smooth skin finish on the exterior of the wetsuit to reduce drag in the water.