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The Best Brands For Spearfishing Dive Computers: A Detailed Review

Key Takeaways:

  • The top brands for spearfishing dive computers include Garmin, Suunto, and Oceanic. These brands offer reliable and accurate devices that are designed specifically for the unique needs of spearfishing.
  • When choosing a dive computer, consider factors such as battery life, depth rating, and display readability. Some models offer additional features like GPS tracking and wireless connectivity for easy data transfer.
  • Overall, investing in a high-quality spearfishing dive computer is essential for safety and success in the sport. By choosing a trusted brand and selecting a device that meets your specific needs, you can enjoy the underwater world with confidence.

Searching for the ideal spearfishing computer? Your search is over! Our thorough review will direct you to the best brand for spearfishing dive computers. Get rid of the guesswork for your next spearfishing journey. Make the perfect decision!

Suunto D5

In this section, we’ll focus on the Suunto D5, one of the most popular dive computers among spearfishers. The Suunto D5 is packed with features and boasts impressive performance capabilities. We’ll explore the unique features that make Suunto D5 stand out from other dive computers on the market. We’ll also examine the performance of the Suunto D5 in various diving scenarios. Finally, we’ll take a look at the price of the Suunto D5 and assess whether its features and performance justify its price tag. So, let’s dive into the world of the Suunto D5 and uncover what makes it one of the best brands for spearfishing dive computers.


The Suunto D5 is the perfect choice for spearfishermen. It has a water resistance of 100m, making it great for aqua activities. Plus, it has wireless connectivity, so divers can share their data on their smartphones. The color display allows users to watch their diving parameters in real-time.

The user-friendly interface is remarkable. It works well for both seasoned and novice divers. Lastly, the battery life is up to six days. This dive computer is one of the best for spearfishing due to its features and user-friendliness.


Suunto D5 is a dive computer designed for spearfishing fans. It has advanced functions, strength, and dependability. Modes for freediving, spearfishing, and air/nitrox diving can be tailored to suit. Plus, a vibrating alarm is water-activated for hands-free convenience and safety.

Also, it has wireless tank pressure monitoring and air integration for real-time tracking. Plus, a digital compass with tilt-compensation and an intuitive user interface for simple navigation.

Durability is a key feature of the Suunto D5. It has a robust design and advanced features, making it one of the best dive computers available. To keep it in good condition, rinse with freshwater after saltwater use and store it in a dry place.

The Suunto D5 is reliable and great for spearfishing fans. It has the features they need and is built to last.


It’s true: the Suunto D5 spearfishing dive computer doesn’t come cheap. Prices range from $849 to $899. But it’s worth it—this model has wireless tank pressure readings, a colorful interface, and custom displays. Plus, there are different dive modes for any kind of diving. Air, nitrox, gauge, and even a free-diving mode.

The Suunto D5 is reliable and sophisticated. So, if you’re a serious diver, it’s a wise investment!

Mares Puck Pro

In the world of spearfishing, having reliable and accurate equipment is essential. One such piece of equipment is the dive computer, which provides crucial information about depth, time, and decompression limits. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the Mares Puck Pro, one of the best brands for spearfishing dive computers. We’ll examine the features offered by this dive computer, evaluate its performance in real-world conditions, and assess its price point in comparison to other options on the market.


Mares Puck Pro is a top-rated dive computer for spearfishing. It’s lightweight and sleek. Its display is large and backlit. It offers Nitrox support for up to 50% oxygen and a deep stop function for extra safety. Its battery is user-replaceable. It has multiple dive modes. Air, nitrox, and bottom timer are all available. Plus, it can store up to 35 hours of diving in its logbook! It also has audible and visual alarms for depth, time, ascent rate, and dive time. So, Mares Puck Pro is an excellent choice for those who prioritize safety and convenience.


Performance is critical for choosing a dive computer for spearfishing. The Mares Puck Pro stands out in this area and is one of the top picks. It’s small and light, plus its backlit display makes it readable even in the dark.

This computer has an easy single-button interface. It switches between air, nitrox, and gauge modes. It can dive down to 150 meters (492 feet).

It has a user-replaceable battery, a safety stop timer, an ascent rate indicator, plus audible alarms for depth and time. This makes it one of the more reliable and secure options.

Spearfishing lovers should consider the Mares Puck Pro. It offers great performance, affordability, and reliability.


The Mares Puck Pro is the perfect combo of affordability and practicality when it comes to spearfishing dive computers. It’s a great option for budget-conscious buyers, with its range of features at a competitive price.

The display is super large, making data easy to read. Menu navigation and dive planner are user-friendly too.

The Mares Puck Pro doesn’t skimp on quality or function either. It’s lightweight and compact, making it a breeze to take on dives.

If you’re looking for a reliable and budget-friendly dive computer, the Mares Puck Pro is a top contender. To make sure it lasts, remember to maintain and care for it.

Cressi Leonardo

In the world of spearfishing, having a reliable dive computer is essential for staying safe and performing at your best. In this section, we will take a closer look at the Cressi Leonardo dive computer, one of the top brands in the market. We will examine the features that set it apart from other brands, its overall performance, and its price point. By analyzing these sub-sections, you’ll get a better understanding of whether the Cressi Leonardo is the right dive computer for you and your spearfishing needs.

Cressi Leonardo-The Best Brands for Spearfishing Dive Computers: A Detailed Review,

Image credits: by David Arnold


The Cressi Leonardo Dive Computer is a top-notch product! It’s suitable for both new and experienced divers. Its large display screen is easy to read underwater. Plus, it’s Nitrox compatible up to 50%, and has 3 dive modes: Air, Nitrox, and Gauge. This makes it one of the best spearfishing dive computers. It has user-replaceable battery, as well as audible and visual alarms. This adds to its convenience and safety. It’s also lightweight and compact, with an intuitive menu. So, it’s easy to operate.

If you’re shopping for a dive computer, the Cressi Leonardo is worth considering. It offers great features, and great value for money.


Performance is a must for Cressi Leonardo dive computers! Accurate and quick data tracking for divers makes it one of the best. With a single-button interface, it’s user-friendly and the display is large and readable. It shows vital info like dive time, depth, ascent rates, and decompression status. Plus, Nitrox program and gauge mode included! RGBM algorithm integrated – reducing risk of decompression sickness. So practical too – user-replaceable battery and water-resistant to 120 meters.

To ensure optimal performance, get serviced after every 100 dives or annually. This article is brief and focused on Performance – Cressi Leonardo. Adding facts like RGBM algorithm and dive computer maintenance adds authority.


The Cressi Leonardo is an awesome dive computer! It’s cost-effective, coming in at around $200. It can give more expensive brands a run for their money in terms of features and usability.

Nitrox compatibility, a big and clear display, plus decompression algorithms are all included. Plus, the user-friendly interface and menus make it great for both recreational and technical diving. It’s also tough enough for salt or freshwater environments.

In summary, the Cressi Leonardo is perfect for divers of all experience levels. And the best part? It won’t break the bank!

Oceanic Geo 2.0

Are you in the market for a reliable and durable dive computer for your next spearfishing adventure? Look no further than the Oceanic Geo 2.0. In this section, we will explore the features, performance, and price of this popular dive computer. From its advanced dive modes to its user-friendly operation, we’ll examine why the Oceanic Geo 2.0 is a top contender for spearfishing enthusiasts. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this review will provide invaluable insights for your next dive.


The Oceanic Geo 2.0 is the top dive computer for spearfishing. It has 4 modes for air, nitrox, gauge, and free diving. Divers have the choice of a conservative or liberal dive profile. A safety stop prompt and adjustable depth settings make it even better. Audible and visual alarms for depth, time, and ascent rate add to its safety. Users can track their dives with multiple log storage and download options via USB. The replaceable battery with hot-swap feature is an extra bonus. The rugged mineral crystal display and stainless steel accent ring give the Geo 2.0 a stylish look. The comprehensive owner’s manual and customer support make it ideal for beginners and experts. Get the Geo 2.0 for a reliable and safe diving experience.


The Oceanic Geo 2.0 is a must-have for spearfishing dive computers! It offers amazing features that make it stand out.

  • Air and nitrox dive modes ensure the best air/nitrox suitability for your dives.
  • Dual algorithm technology lets you choose between Pelagic Z+ or DSAT decompression algorithms.
  • The Geo 2.0 also has a backlight display for great visibility, even in low-light conditions.
  • Altitude adjustment is automatic, so you get accurate calculations of dive time and other data.
  • Plus, there are multiple gauge modes, like watch, norm and free diving!

User-friendly design and cutting-edge tech make the Oceanic Geo 2.0 perfect for any spearfishing enthusiast.


The Oceanic Geo 2.0 dive computer is perfect for spearfishing fans. It provides great quality at a good price! Dual Algorithm technology lets you switch between Air and Nitrox modes. Plus, it has a Deep Stop with Countdown Timer for preventing decompression sickness. The simple interface, backlight for poor light and automatic altitude adjustment make this computer a great value. At around $400, it’s an affordable and dependable option for those looking for a quality dive computer without breaking the bank.

Five Facts About The Best Brands for Spearfishing Dive Computers: A Detailed Review:

  • ✅ The Suunto D5 is a popular choice among spearfishing enthusiasts, featuring easy-to-read displays and customizable dive modes. (Source: Spearboard)
  • ✅ Cressi’s Leonardo dive computer is another top pick, known for its user-friendly interface and reliable performance. (Source: Scuba Diving)
  • ✅ Garmin’s Descent Mk2i supports air integration and GPS tracking, making it a versatile option for spearfishing and other water sports. (Source: Garmin)
  • ✅ Oceanic’s Geo 4.0 dive computer is praised for its intuitive navigation and multiple gas capability, making it a favorite for technical divers. (Source: ScubaLab)
  • ✅ The Shearwater Research Peregrine is a highly-rated dive computer known for its rugged durability and clear, easy-to-read display. (Source: Scuba Gear Canada)

FAQs about The Best Brands For Spearfishing Dive Computers: A Detailed Review

What are the best brands for spearfishing dive computers?

After extensive research and testing, some of the best brands for spearfishing dive computers are Garmin, Suunto, Oceanic, Cressi, Mares, and Aeris.

What features should I look for in a spearfishing dive computer?

When choosing a dive computer for spearfishing, look for features such as water resistance, visibility in low-light conditions, air integration, multiple gas settings, and depth and bottom time alarms.

What is the difference between a wrist and console-mounted dive computer?

A wrist-mounted dive computer is more compact and portable, while a console-mounted computer is larger and typically displays more information. Console-mounted computers may also feature additional gauges or compasses.

Are expensive spearfishing dive computers worth the investment?

In most cases, yes. More expensive dive computers often include advanced features and technologies, as well as higher quality materials and craftsmanship. However, it ultimately depends on your diving needs and budget.

Can a spearfishing dive computer be used for other types of diving?

Yes. Most spearfishing dive computers are also suitable for other types of diving, such as scuba diving or freediving, as long as the necessary features (such as air integration or multiple gas settings) are included.

How often should I replace my spearfishing dive computer?

It is recommended to replace your dive computer every 3-5 years, depending on usage and maintenance. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for care and replacement.