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Top 10 Spearfishing Brands You Need To Know About

Key Takeaway:

  • 1. Cressi: A reputable brand that produces a wide range of spearfishing gear, including wetsuits, fins, and spearguns.
  • 2. Riffe: Known for its high-quality spearguns and accessories, Riffe is a top choice among experienced spearfishers.
  • 3. OMER: This Italian brand offers a wide range of spearfishing gear, including wetsuits, fins, and masks.

Searching for the top spearfishing gear brands? You’ve come to the right spot! These are the 10 best and why they are essential. Get set to plunge into your aquatic voyage with the most dependable and superior equipment!

Riffe Spearfishing

Riffe spearfishing? It’s essential to have the right gear. Check out these top 10 brands. Their features help you choose the best equipment!

  1. Cressi Comanche – Anti-corrosion aluminum tubes. Low-profile design for stealthy hunts.
  2. Sten – Hydrodynamic muzzle. Side line release and shock-absorber for accuracy and power.
  3. Pathos Sniper Roller – Loading grooves and stabilizer for precision and reduced recoil.
  4. Beuchat Espadon Sport – Pistol-style handle. Accurate and lightweight.
  5. Cressi SL Star – Pumping, bright yellow handle, line release for reduced power.
  6. AB Biller – Mahogany wood, polyurethane finish, stainless steel tips, neutrally buoyant.
  7. Rob Allen Tuna Railgun – Versatile gun for spearing large prey. Accurate and powerful shot.
  8. Hammerhead Evolution 2 – Reverse trigger mechanism, Dyneema wishbones, mono-line release, line reel, camera mount, accurate.
  9. JBL African Mahogany Spear Gun – 45-degree polymer handle, corrosion-resistant heat-treated body, three-piece M8 mechanism.
  10. Koah Battle Axe 48 – Freeshafting, lineshafting gun. Bungee, spare shaft holder, enclosed track, GoPro mount.


Mares is a top brand for spearfishing gear. Their equipment helps you catch more fish, while being comfortable and safe. You may need wetsuits, rash guards, masks, snorkels, gloves, Kevlar, booties, freediving fins, weight belts, and containment units.

One of their best spearguns is the Mares Cyrano 1.1 HFT. It is made from one-piece anodized aluminum barrel. It has accuracy and power, even from far away. The bungee ensures speed. It is best for reef and shallow water spearfishing.

Another great Mares speargun is the updated JBL Carbine Speargun D7. It has hardened stainless steel tips and nylon-coated Dyneema wishbones. This makes setup quick and easy. Mares also has a roller gun for multiple band speargun fans.

In conclusion, Mares provides plenty of spearfishing equipment. They also have colored lenses or mirrored lenses for your low-profile mask. This makes visibility underwater better. Choose wisely and enjoy the ocean with Mares spearfishing gear.

Rob Allen

Rob Allen is one of the top 10 spearfishing brands to know about. They provide high-quality and durable spearguns and accessories. Their speargun range includes pneumatic and updated models. The JBL Elite Woody Magnum 450 is a mid-sized model that is ergonomically designed. It has a mounting rail for accessories and is accurate at distance.

Fishing licenses, Hawaiian slings, pole spears and a spearfishing knife are important items. A dive computer or freediving watch with heart rate monitor tracks diving data. Floatlines, floats, reels and a dive buddy can help you capture bigger fish.

Fins come in different materials such as plastic, fiberglass, and carbon. Lead weights adjust buoyancy and improve dive control. Pneumatic spearguns use compressed air while banded spearguns use rubber bands. European and American spearguns have different designs.

Speargun shafts are available in different lengths and diameters. Tips can be customized. Salvimar Metal Speargun and Riffe Euro Speargun are excellent options. Camouflage prints and chest padding on wetsuits improve visibility and comfort. Balancing quality and budget is important when selecting equipment.

Rob Allen-Top 10 Spearfishing Brands You Need to Know About,

Image credits: by Hillary Jones


Spearfishing requires well-made gear. Here are 10 great brands for snagging a catch:

  1. Cressi: Aerospace-grade aluminum and bungee for precision.
  2. Salvimar: Mid-priced and high-end spearguns for large prey.
  3. Riffe: Roller guns with hydroformed, anodized aluminum and stainless steel triggers and shaft.
  4. Mares: European spearguns for small to medium-sized fish and larger ones for bigger prey.
  5. Beuchat: Durable fiberglass and plastic fins for easy movement.
  6. Omer: Carbon fins for fast ascents.
  7. Sporasub: Spearguns and accessories, including lobster-hunting tools.
  8. Rob Allen: Lightweight and strong spearguns for versatile underwater use.
  9. Picasso: Aircraft-grade aluminum speargun barrels for marine environments.
  10. Pathos: Spearguns and accessories for beginner to experienced freedivers.

Ocean Hunter

Ocean Hunter is a top spearfishing brand. It stands out for quality and innovation. It offers spearguns, fins, and accessories. They cater to different skill levels and water conditions.

The spearguns come in different sizes and prices. Beginners and experts can use them. There are spearguns for mid-sized fish, and ones for big prey. The fiberglass fins give great thrust and control. Small knives and tickle sticks help collect lobsters.

The handles are one-piece anodized aluminum, durable, and easy to maintain. Bungees and tips can be adjusted for fish size and water conditions. Ocean Hunter is the go-to brand for spearfishing gear. Quality, durable, and effective.


Spearfishing is a super-cool underwater activity that needs the right gear to make the most of it. Here are the top 10 spearfishing brands to think about for your coming journey:

  1. Rob Allen – Specialized bungee between shooting line and handle helps launch speargun easily.
  2. Cressi – Italian brand that makes some of the best speargun types with adjustable handles and water visibility.
  3. Beuchat – French manufacturer of spearguns great for large prey like groupers and tuna – one piece of anodized aluminum design.
  4. Omer – Great choice for those wanting a light speargun – easy to handle & affordable – adjustable handle for different hand sizes.
  5. Salvimar – Italian brand with ergonomic designs and comfortable handles, plus amazing aiming precision with speargun tips.
  6. Mares – Top spearfishing brand making a wide range of scuba diving equipment, including high-end spearguns with long speargun tips.
  7. Pathos – Greek manufacturer of durable, lightweight spearguns made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials.
  8. Riffe – US brand making wooden spearguns, with strong and durable handles and speargun tips.
  9. Wong – Accurate, reliable spearguns – custom handles & small knives for added convenience underwater.
  10. Aimrite – Quality spearguns with advanced features, such as custom speargun handles, for the best spearfishing experience.

Omer-Top 10 Spearfishing Brands You Need to Know About,

Image credits: by Harry Duncun


Pathos is an essential spearfishing brand. They have advanced spearguns and other equipment. Their spearguns have a unique design, perfect for underwater visibility. The price of their spearguns is worth the investment. Not only that – Pathos also offers a small knife, ideal for divers’ hands. It’s great for spearfishing, cutting and handling fish. Try Pathos for an exceptional spearfishing experience!


Beuchat is an acclaimed spearfishing brand that has been around for eighty years. Their products and designs are famed for their quality and innovation, making them a dependable name among spearfishers globally.

Why Beuchat is so well-liked? It’s due to their devotion to spearfishers’ requirements. For example, their wetsuits, masks and fins are crafted to increase underwater visibility, allowing spearfishers to spot and pursue their prey with ease. Plus, their spearguns are ideal for spearing big prey, making them a favorite among experienced spearfishers.

Furthermore, Beuchat products are cost-effective. They supply world-class gear at reasonable prices, making them accessible to a variety of spearfishing fans. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced spearfisher, Beuchat has something for everyone. From wetsuits to spearguns, they offer a broad array of gear for all your spearfishing needs.


Salvimar is a top name in the world of spearfishing. They provide great quality gear for divers of all levels. What makes them stand out is their care for detail and commitment to creating gear that is both useful and fashionable.

Their collection of equipment contains wetsuits, fins, masks and more. It’s designed with the newest technology, giving divers better visibility of the water and more comfort while diving.

Their spearguns – Salvimar Voodoo and Moray models – are perfect for big prey. They have great accuracy and are easy to use. Plus, they’re affordable, which makes them accessible to divers with a budget.

In summary, Salvimar is a reliable brand among spearfishers who seek quality gear that can improve their diving experience.

Salvimar-Top 10 Spearfishing Brands You Need to Know About,

Image credits: by Hillary Duncun


Picasso is a renowned spearing brand. It offers quality spearguns, perfect for capturing large prey. Its arsenal includes the Picasso Top 1, Triggerfish, and Magnum.

The Picasso Top 1 is a top pick for huntresses. It has a 28mm aluminum barrel, suitable for both novices and pros. The Triggerfish is praised for its accuracy and strength. It has a two-sling mechanism, great for different water conditions. The Magnum is designed for large fish hunting. Its 28mm aluminum barrel and special features justify its higher price.

All in all, Picasso is a popular choice among spearfishing fanatics.


If you’re into spearfishing, you’ll want the best gear. Here are the top 10 brands to try:

  1. Riffe – top spearguns at various prices.
  2. Cressi – spearguns, wetsuits, fins, and more.
  3. Mares – high-quality spearfishing gear since 1940.
  4. Omer – spearguns and wetsuits for all skill levels.
  5. Salvimar – advanced materials for better performance.
  6. Beuchat – efficient spearguns.
  7. Pathos – spearguns for all styles of fishing.
  8. Rob Allen – simple and durable gear.
  9. Seac Sub – affordable spearfishing gear.
  10. Epsealon – French brand for modern spearfishers.


Leaderfins – a spearfishing brand. Famous for their high-quality, affordable spearguns. Prices range from low to high. Great for spearing large prey. Experienced spearos love them.

Investing in a reliable and affordable speargun? Leaderfins is a great choice. Plus, they offer fins, wetsuits, and other accessories.

A relatively new brand – but quickly rising to the top. Thanks to their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Leaderfins-Top 10 Spearfishing Brands You Need to Know About,

Image credits: by Harry Washington

Carbonio GFT

Carbonio GFT is a must-know spearfishing brand. It’s renowned for durable and dependable spearguns that cater to all kinds of spearfishermen, regardless of their budget. From beginner to experienced level, Carbonio GFT provides a wide selection.

What sets them apart? They use cutting-edge materials like carbon and fiberglass. Their spearguns are lightweight and easy to use, ideal for long dives. Plus, they come with features like customizability, accuracy, and quietness. That’s why Carbonio GFT is one of the most respected spearfishing brands on the planet.


If you’re after top-notch, trustworthy spearfishing gear, then Sporasub is the brand for you! This Italian company has a vast selection of products, from spearguns and fins, to wetsuits, masks, snorkels, and accessories.

Their spearguns boast the latest in materials and technology, making them strong yet lightweight. Popular models include the One and the Mini Dry. The One is highly customisable and the price varies depending on your options. And the Mini Dry is their smallest gun yet, with a mid-range price tag.

Sporasub also offers amazing accessories, like dry and dive bags for carrying gear. Investing in Sporasub gear will ensure you’re comfortable, safe, and confident on your spearfishing trips.

Seac Sub

Seac Sub is a top spearfishing brand. They offer quality products for every level of spearfisher. Wetsuits to masks, fins, and spearguns – they have it all.

Seac Sub is especially known for their spearguns. Different sizes, lengths and prices. Budget-friendly, beginner-friendly and high-end. The brand focuses on providing reliable, innovative products that ensure a good catch. Plus, the company’s credibility in the spearfishing gear market is a guarantee.

Seac Sub-Top 10 Spearfishing Brands You Need to Know About,

Image credits: by David Jones


Suunto is one of the top brands for spearfishing. They have a wide range of products like dive computers, watches, and compasses. They offer high-quality, durable gear, plus tech advancements to explore depths with precision.

However, Suunto comes with a hefty price tag. When selecting speargun or other gear, it’s important to prioritize budget. Suunto is a quality brand, but others offer same quality and functionality for a lower price. Research different spearfishing brands and assess features, price, and reviews to make an informed decision.


Cressi is a top-notch spearfishing brand. They offer wetsuits, fins, masks, and spearguns. Prices range from budget-friendly to high-end. The Apache Speargun is a great option for beginners and intermediates. They offer reliable performance and an affordable price. For advanced spearfishers, the Geronimo Elite America is a top-of-the-line speargun with power and accuracy. Cressi is a reliable brand with great customer service. They have a speargun for all levels, with prices to fit any budget.


Casio? Nope, not for spearguns. But if you’re after quality speargun brands, here are the top 10:

  1. Cressi – Italian, wide range of spearguns, varying price points.
  2. Riffe – Americans, high-quality wooden spearguns, premium prices.
  3. Pathos – Greek, carbon and aluminum spearguns, wide price range.
  4. Beuchat – French, reliable and innovative, affordable.
  5. Omer – Italian, quality and durable, different price points.
  6. JBL – American, wide range, affordable, beginner to intermediate.
  7. Mares – Italian, professional-grade, premium prices.
  8. Seac Sub – Italian, range of spearfishing equipment, high-quality, reasonable prices.
  9. Salvimar – Italian, innovative, affordable.
  10. Wong Spearguns – American, wooden and carbon fiber, premium prices.

Remember to consider your budget, skill level, and spearfishing needs before deciding on a brand and price point.

Casio-Top 10 Spearfishing Brands You Need to Know About,

Image credits: by Hillary Jones


Seiko is renowned in the spearfishing world. They provide dependable, durable timepieces for divers. Special features like water-resistance, a depth gauge, and a timer make dives simpler. They have watches for varying speargun prices. Styles, colors, and materials are plentiful for you to pick from! Functionality and looks can be yours. Seiko is an esteemed brand with watches of great quality. Timing dives is easier and underwater safety is enhanced.


Spearfishing is great, but you need the right gear! Here’re the top 10 brands to make your underwater experience unforgettable:

  1. Cressiwetsuits, fins, masks.
  2. Riffehandmade, customizable spearguns.
  3. Maresspearguns, wetsuits, fins.
  4. Beuchatspearguns, floaters, wetsuits.
  5. Rob Allenwetsuits, high-performance spearguns.
  6. Omerwetsuits, bags, spearfishing equipment.
  7. Pathoswetsuits, spearguns, masks.
  8. Salvimarspearguns, reels, wetsuits.
  9. Seacspearguns, accessories, dive knives, torches.
  10. Sporasubwetsuits, spearguns, masks – cutting-edge tech!

Five Facts About Top 10 Spearfishing Brands You Need to Know About:

  • ✅ One of the top spearfishing brands is Riffe International, which has been producing high-quality fishing equipment for over 50 years. (Source: Spearboard)
  • ✅ Another popular brand is Mares, which offers a range of spearfishing products, including wetsuits, fins, and masks. (Source: Scuba Diving Magazine)
  • ✅ Cressi is a well-known brand in the diving industry, and their spearfishing equipment is known for its durability and performance. (Source: Cressi)
  • ✅ Omer is a brand that specializes in spearfishing gear and has been producing innovative products since the 1980s. (Source: Omer)
  • ✅ JBL Spearguns is known for their spearfishing guns, which are used by both beginners and professionals. (Source: JBL Spearguns)

FAQs about Top 10 Spearfishing Brands You Need To Know About

What are the Top 10 Spearfishing Brands You Need to Know About?

The top 10 spearfishing brands you need to know about are Riffe, Cressi, Rob Allen, Pathos, Beuchat, Salvimar, OMER, Sporasub, Mares, and Epsealon.

What makes Riffe a top spearfishing brand?

Riffe is known for their high-quality handmade wooden spearguns and spearfishing equipment. Their products are designed with experience and passion, making them one of the go-to brands for serious spearfishers.

What sets Cressi apart from other spearfishing brands?

Cressi has been creating diving and spearfishing equipment since 1946, and they have a reputation for innovation and quality. Their products are designed and made in Italy, ensuring precision and durability.

Why is Rob Allen a popular choice for spearfishers?

Rob Allen is a South African brand that produces top-quality spearguns and other spearfishing equipment. Their spearguns are known for their accuracy and power, making them a favorite among spearfishers around the world.

What makes Pathos a favorite among spearfishers?

Pathos combines a passion for spearfishing with innovative design and technology. Their equipment is made in Italy and is designed to maximize performance and comfort while in the water.

Why should spearfishers consider Beuchat for their spearfishing needs?

Beuchat has been producing diving and spearfishing equipment since 1934, making them a trusted and reliable brand in the industry. Their products are known for their durability and performance, backed by decades of experience.